Interview with Saint Vincent/Blacklodge.
1. Hails, Saint Vincent!!! Could you give a brief history of how Blacklodge came to be formed? And what are the musicians that inspired you the most?   
The band started in 1998 from the ashes of another band called Faust (94/98). Blacklodge released some demos and finally our first album, ďLogin:SataNĒ in october 2003. I would say Iíve been very influenced by the music of the band Traumatic Voyage from Germany, who definitly taught me you could do extreme metal yet with lots of personnality and experimentation that might disturb usual metal public. This enhanced vision of music then gave more personnal touch to a mix of thrash roots thanks to early Megadeth (RIP) and Darkthrone black feeling. 

2. What are your thoughts on "Login:Satan"? Are you satisfied with the final result (production and mix) of "Login:Satan"?   
Iím very satisfied with the ďLogin:SataNĒ album and its production. The feeling I wanted to transmit is here. The production is weird, weak, which might lack of violence for some people, but which strengthen the depressive side of our music. It has been a cursed period, lots of pain and tragic experiences, but the result is here. A whole part of our lives is in the album. This gives us a lot of satisfaction as artists. 

3. How are the divulgation and reception of "Login:Satan"?  
We had a limited promotion as we were on a small debuting label, but their strong efforts made us to be known on a quite large scale. The reaction of this album has been extremely contrasted, itís definitly a love or hate album. This reaction satisfied us as it was the evidence of a strong personality.  

4. What's the lyrical concept around this album? What more inspire you in the lyrics-writing process? Any personal experiences? 
The lyrics is intimatly connected to the music and the artwork, so I would rather talk about whole concept of the album. This concept is definitly an extension of personal experiences, and the lyrics are quite clear about it. The root of the album is our extreme tragic experiences with hard drugs. 

5. What elements are going to be different for this release as compared to the older material?  
The ďLogin:SataNĒ release presented a more mature work, with a clearer emotional strike and more coherence in the global feeling. Less experimental than the first demo, yet more precise in innovation. The samples have better sound quality, and the guitars are colder. Maybe just the voice stayed the same, with still harsh electronic feeling. However we made our biggest step with the next album, already recorded. But we donít know yet when it will be sure we made a new big step in or music with a strong and violent production with lots of density and surprises.  

6. Some personal questions now... How do you spend your spare time? Hobbies, interests?  
Iím living alone isolated from social basical activities. Iím working mainly on music, and all my hobbies turns around Blacklodge creation potential. My main interests are alternative dimensions, the coming of the apocalypse and how to survive after death. Iím also interested in other topics as south/central american civilisations and myths.

7. What three books and movies would you consider essential? 
Well, for the books : most of them are I guess unknown French ones. So Iíd rather speak of known ones, I liked really much castanedaís books, aldous huxley and antonin artaud ones. Iím reading nowadays Max Stirner. And for the movies : Twin Peaks serie from David Lynch, Lost Highway from the same, and, Mulholland drive from, well, from the same. 

8. Tell me one person of the past that you respect and why?  
People from the past are dead. 

9. A soldier once remarked, "we had to destroy the town to save it." f.w. nietzsche once offhandedly said that if christianity had not existed, it would have been necessary to invent it. do you think all things on planet earth are bound up in their opposites?  
I think so. This is the secret dynamics of existence, movement, and so life, has been the first consequence of the distance and attraction of opposite. Energy derives from both the plus and negative. Evil and Good needs each other to create perspective, and so their value. However man is still free to prefer one side or the other. But he should better know that if he really wants to succeed in something, he will have to manage sometimes to play with contradictory actions. 
10. What's your opinion about human rights?  
Human rights is the ultimate vicious weapon of occidental civilisations of nowadays. Those who consider it as sacred or essential step in the progress of humanity are just a bunch of idiots in my opinion. Human rights are more efficient nowadays than nuclear power almost. I mean for exemple : if a western country wants to make pressure on China, they will not threaten it with a bomb, but with economical restrictions due to the non respect of human is just a political weapon. Of course, thatís always easy to say when you leave in Europe, where most of the rights are preserved and not in a country where it is still taboo. Ok lets just say Iím always very suspicious when a politician is talking to me about human rights, I immediatly wonder if heís not going to try to fuck me... 

11. Returning to Metal stuff... What your purpose with Blacklodge? Individual realization? Is there a philosophy behind the music you play?  
Blacklodge entity is obviously a strong, dedicated temple from which each stone built as a faith work. This work is the crossroad of personal realisation of a deep belief, and the construction of an original philosophy taught by heart and experience of life. We are basically led by the teaching of wisdom through destruction and infernal experiences. All of this happening in a world in decay where humanity is the prey of harsh, greedy, invading technology. We are also picturing and worshipping this prophetical decay, as we experienced ourselves the technological destruction through chemical. 

12. Who thought up the concept for the cover artwork of "Login:Satan"?  
Well, myself. I created the whole concept and made the cover myself. The concept has been reviewed by all the members of the band though. The visual is pretty close to the spirit of our music, depicting cold industrial landscapes, frightening towers, electronics and drugs symbols. 

13. Plans to the future? What can we expect of the newer Blacklodge material?  
Well, at the time of this interview the next Blacklodge album has been recorded at the Necromorbus studios in Sweden, and I can just tell that itís going to be killer and very surprising. 
18. Thanks for this interview, Saint Vincent... Your final bullets... 
Thank you for your interest in Blacklodge and keep aware of our next release. 

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