Interview with Paulus Kressman /Rites of thy Degringolade.
1. Hails, Paulus!!! How are things? What have you been doing recently?   
Hell, the recent past has been well so to speak. Working on many projects, keeping busy!  

2. Paulus, how long have you been playing? Have you played in any previous bands before Sacramentary Abolishment?  
I have now been doing hammers for well over 10 fukkkin years now, no chance to stop now SA was started by me in '92... This the first worthy project to speak of.  

3. Could you tell us something about the early history of the band? How did everything start? What is the origin of the Rites of thy Degringolade name?  
The project of Rites, or the idea was conceived in '95 while still working with SA, under a different name to create something unique for a one man project. It started as a most simple of Metal Holocaust, and progressed as I progressed. The Rites... means pain, it means violence with sound and of course only unique creations... The rise and fall of all!  

4. Is there any particular message the band is trying to get across? Could you describe if Rites of thy Degringolade has a philosophy?  
Yes yes yes!!! The main point of this is the philosophy, a most extreme of dementia, thu Metal, aggression, individuality, continuation... The fact that this globe knows dread.  

5. Which bands or piece of art/literature has inspired Rites of thy Degringolade most? And what about in your life?  
As for bands... Blasphemy, Nuclear Death, Thergothon, Disciples of Power, any and all with pride and a dedication to make new sounds, and of course the old, Sodom, Bathory, Celtic Frost, etc. I am very much into the very old flemish painters, H.Bosch, they made a surreal surface more then reality. Total creation!!!!

6. Let's talk about your new CD "Totality", are you satisfied with the final result? What elements are different between this release and past releases?  
Totality has been unleashed for sometime, yes we are more then glad with the final result, and its reception as well, this release was done with my brother in arms Wroth, for a much more aggressive release, as with past releases being simply myself... Aghh dementia.

7. How are the divulgation and reception? Are you having a good response?  
As stated, very good reception. I will say however the label that released 'TOTALITY' did give shit promises and did not do all he said, the distro end lacks my personal satisfaction. And there will be no further work done with this label in question. Although I have yet to read a negative review of 'TOTALITY'...maybe you Clay!!!!  

8. What lyrical themes are followed in the songs on "Totality"? Is there a common thread running between all of them? How important are the lyrics for Rites of thy Degringolade?  
The words are so very vital!!!! As much as the brutal sounds you hear, the common thread runs deep! The curse of life, using it to the fullest while one is here... continuation!  

9. What led you to choose "Totality" as the title for the new album? There's any meaning? What about the cover art?  
Totality... The total sum, everything is used to achieve the desired result, we will make totality with our very own hands and minds, the cover art is the body in infinity, on its own to continue and conquer.  

10. Now some questions to invade your mind and personal positions. So, what's your opinion about Iraq War?  
Can one call this a war? War needs many lives lost to be a 'true' war in my opinion. An entire group, regime, government is taken over and destroyed "changed" and/or killed. 

11. Is the war an evolution?   
Yes, I shall say that any war, battle, plauge or other that will cause wide spread deaths is that of evolution. The globe in this time we exist is far, far, far over populated. This is usually the cause of sickness, disease etc. In my eyes any group over populated will go to any conscience, or unconscience effort to de-populate the undesird numbers. So yes war is an evolution through de-population..  

12. What's your opinion about mankind and human rights? 
Mankind is here, I am here I eat, I create. I know total end times will come for all living and now living matter in the distant future. 

13. Some people think Satanism is a jewish "creation". Your opinion?  
Man is the true devil unto itself and its environment.  

14. Tell me what person or fact, that you most admire in history and why? 
First... I must say, this is a very good yet, diffiult question to answer... The fact this will all be altered matter one day... The first time I have been asked on this subject... Great Clay! 

15. How do you spend your spare time? Hobbies, interests?  
Of course writing, metal, sex, alcohol. walking, my own thoughts.  

16. Do you read much? What books impress you most of all? What Canadin books/authors could you recommend us? 
I read that of philosophy and importance to me, we know what this is....!!!!  

17. Returning to metal stuff, how do you view the Canadian metal scene these days?  
Fuck it kills!!! I suggest all to look toward the canadian machine, canada has long had so many killer bands to speak of...Slaughter, sacrifice, voivod, disciples of power, blasphemy to name the older!!! I can hear the canadian influence in so many.  

18. You play drums for Ouroboros, too... Can you tell us about your side-projects? How do these differ from Rites of thy Degringolade?  
Ouroboros, yes I joined this a while ago only, we did a mCD, a split 10"EP with Cobalt soon and a full length album soon for Full Moon Productions. It differs from Rites... A great deal.  

19. Rites of thy Degringolade is recording a new 7"EP, can you give us more infos about it?  
The 7" is done! It is at press now! And done in 3-4 weeks. The recording and material is the most total and killer for Rites yet, titled "Totality's Kommand" Decius Productions of Australia releases this soon!  

20. Plans to the future? 
More metal, more lunacy, more rites....  

21. Paulus, thanks for answer my questions... Your final bullets... 
Hell Clay, thanks for the words.... Onwards!!!!  

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