Interview with Joel Grind /Toxic Holocaust.
1. Hails, Joel!!! Letīs start talking about the history of Toxic Holocaust, the band was formed after the end of Collateral Damage. So, when and how did everything start?   
Toxic Holocaust started in 1999, the 2 others I had in the band at the time lost interest, so I stopped it. Then in 2001 I brought TH back as a solo project with the release of the 7". Now in 2002 I've put out the "Critical Mass" demo CDr limited to 333 copies which are now sold out. 

2. What made you choose such a band name as Toxic Holocaust?   
80's Thrash influenced the name, mainly Nuclear Assault.  

3. Recently Toxic Holocaust have released a CD-R, called "Critical Mass". So, are you having a good reception?  
Yeah, much better than previous shit. It was spread through the underground like A.I.D.S.  

4. What are the differences between this release and past releases?  
Main differences would be the absence of the shitty drum machine and the much rawer thrashier sound.  

5. How would you describe the music of Toxic Holocaust to someone who has never heard it? Which are your main influences? 
Probably something like Death/Thrash, Black/Thrash or Alcoholic Speed Metal. Main influences are Sodom, Destruction, Goatpenis, Bathory, Onslaught, Bulldozer... the list keeps going.

6. Tell us about the ideas and inspiration for "Critical Mass". What's about the lyrics and the concepts behind your songs? 
Typical shit: War, Sluts, Alcohol, Evil.  
7. There's some quite interesting album artwork. Can you tell me more about it? 
Stan from Wrath Ritual drew it, he also did a slightly modified version for his cassette release of Critical to 111 copies. 
8. Some personal questions, can you tell me how do you spend your spare time? Hobbies, interests? 
Fucking, Drinking, listening to Metal. 
9. Are you anti- or pro- to attack Iraq? Don't you think that's just a religious or economical interest?  
I really don't give a fuck. The USA is shit anyway. Go ahead Iraq...send us to hell with a Nuke..I'll welcome it! 

10. What three books and movies would you consider essential? 
Just one book: The Department of Defense "How to Build a Fallout Shelter" Manual. Movies: 1. Blood Sucking Freaks 2. Wizard of Gore 3. Bloodfeast 

11. Returning to the band stuff, now, you are working in two 7"EP's, what can we expect of the newer Toxic Holocaust material?  
If everything goes according to plan Alex from Warlord Records will be releasing a 7"ep of Toxic Holocaust and my cover of "Great Deceiver" for his Bulldozer Tribute series. 

12. Tell us about some of the lyrics/topics of your new songs. They differ from Toxic Holocaust past releases? 
Nope same old shit, Nuclear Violence.  

13. What merchandise do you have available? 
I have a Toxic Holocaust double sided shirt available for $10.00 ppd in Large and XL. 

14. Thanks for this interview, Joel... Your final bullets... 
Die In Pain!! & Remember: If you don't like Toxic Holocaust you must be Goth! 

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